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UPC Labels Applied to Hang Tags

Let us prepare your TownWear garments with UPC labels, so they're ready to display as soon as you receive your shipment.

We'll match the right labels with the right shirts, hats and totes, and make your life easier. Simply check the box for UPC Labels Applied during the ordering process.

Only $0.19/item.


Your postcards will be custom designed to spotlight points of interest in your town and will feature coordinates to your store. Simply select a color and quantity. Shipping is included.

Custom 4 x 6 Postcards by TownWear

6" W x 4" H

Custom 4 x 6 Postcards by TownWear

6" W x 4" H

STYLE #PC100 | QTY 100 (per color)     STYLE #PC1000 | QTY 1000 (per color)
STYLE #PC500 | QTY 500 (per color)     STYLE #PC2000 | QTY 2000 (per color)



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